More and more men are wearing jewellery – at work, at night, for fun and business.

For many years and across different cultures, what can and cannot be worn by men has varied and still varies greatly. For example, if you think of the Maharajas in India or the French kings of the 18th century with their showy gems, it looks like way over the top today. However, these days wearing jewellery as men is something very normal. The most obvious jewellery item a man can wear is a ring; a wedding ring, a pinky ring or a signet ring. However, other jewellery includes chains, pins, necklaces, bracelets, belt buckles, cufflinks, clips, watches and earrings.

What exactly are the do’s and don’ts to follow when wearing jewellery (and this is probably true for men and women alike):

Don’t show off
Don’t wear too much at once
Don’t wear oversized jewellery
Do choose the right proportions for your jewelry
Do select jewellery that has a personal meaning
Do match your metals
Do choose jewellery based on the occasion

We all have different styles and someone can pull-off wearing earrings, a number of bracelets, and rings and it just works with their overall style. But if you look at it from a lens of the classic permanent style, all the jewellery items and rules we’ve laid out here will serve you well.

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