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Chakra Healing

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning, “Wheel or Circle of Light”, and refers to one of the 7 major energy centers, which spin like wheels through and around the body. Each one of these energy centers has a specific purpose in the healthy functioning of our bodies. Each chakra varies in colour, size or shape, […]

How to clean your crystals

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR STONES Cleansing your crystal with water and salt With the exception of a few water-soluble minerals, each new crystal should be washed before you use it. Use a little soapy water to remove dust and fingerprints. Water will also cleanse your stones of energy imbalances. Another method is to hold the […]

The Power of Crystals

The power and beauty of crystals and other stones have long been recognised from the ancient civilisations to present day. Crystals have always exerted a powerful force both in the physical and metaphysical worlds. Their uniqueness imbues them with magical power: the power to protect, to enhance, to strengthen, and to uplift. They have been […]