Meet the team

Kathy Abdolaziz, 61 years, co-founder of Rockchic

I am very private and enjoy time alone, either in nature or cycling. Nature calms me down and helps me to get problems out of my head.
My passion is academic studies and I love writing. My personal inspirations are authors such as Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelley, all female film directors including …. and I love art movies. I really love European culture, art, museums, the rich history, opera and theatre, the food and travelling to new places.
I have a passion for small businesses and working for oneself. Hard work and dedication are key to success and with this attitude you will succeed.
My own business started small and it took a lot of commitment and long focussed hours of the team to develop the tiny crystal shop from its beginnings in 2005 into the successful and well-known destination shop it is today.
We are currently busy working on a stronger online presence and plan to take Rockchic to Europe in the near future.