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Rockchic is more than a shop. It is place where people go to to find beauty, meaning, comfort, hope and inspiration for the smaller or larger things in their lives. Over the years many of our customers have become friends and the community is growing. Of course we welcome new friends every day and we look forward to hearing your story about how Rockchic’s gemstones, crystals and other items are playing an important part in your life.

Often we get asked about people and services which we love and enjoy, in all sorts of areas of well-being – from physical, mental or psychological to spiritual or nutritional advice, making and creating, either nearby, right here in Hout Bay or out there in the vast digital space. We would like to start sharing these inspirational and/or helpful contacts with you on our website and start our directory this month. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find it helpful.

Much love from the Rockchic Team

Inspirations & Services

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Sacred Therapies

Plant Medicine Journey

Space Clearance

Ceremony & Intuitive Guidance


+27 83 384 0977

Hout Bay

Mobile Massage

Massage Treatments at Home

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Bamboo, Sports or Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage


holistic healing and teaching practice

Debbie Caknis

+27 21 790 1340
+ 27 83 558 2555